According to Cassie.

According to Cassie.

吹牛: There's a huge cloud up in the sky and the wind is so strong it will blow away things !

Cassie : "Mom, why you and daddy love me ? " "Oh, i know, because i'm a beautiful precious little girl ! "

Cassie : "Mom, why does the fish swim up and down ? " "Oh, i know, because the fish wants to blow bubbles "

Cassie's drawing

here's one of her many drawings : )

Cassie's School Moments.

Cassie's problem solving.

Cassie has weekly ejaan (Bahasa Malaysia's Phonics) test and she was having some difficulties learning the language. Mainly because we do not use BM (Bahasa Malaysia) that frequently at home and also because she did not have any contact with the language at all. Until she attended her K1 here, only she started to know that there's this new language the she needs to learn.

Because of unfamiliarity she don't understand why 'Feri' is not the same as 'Fairy' !

Anyways, she was having this ejaan session a month ago and she somehow forgotten all the ejaan that she learned at home. So, what's the simplest solution to this situation for a 5 yrs old ? Well, at one hand, she doesn't know the answer, at the other hand, she knew her friends can do the test. To solve this problem, Cassie turned to her friend and look at her friend's answer.

In the adult world, that's cheating. But for Cassie, it's just pure problem solving ! Needless to say, she got all the lecture from the teacher and me after that and understand the seriously of cheating now.

It is of-course one valuable lesson she picked up while growing up.

Good Friends.
When she first started the new school, we encourage her to make friends. After a few weeks there we get to know her friends from her daily school event's narrative. Her good friends are now consist of a circle of girls (michelle, karen, abby, kai-yin and cherry) and she is particularly very close to Cherry.

Because Cherry is her best friend, she wanted all the opportunity she has to talk to her. The problem is, she wanted to talk to her even when teacher is teaching ! aikes.

After Hours

After hours .... While the staff are cleaning up, i got some time on my hands and managed to snap some photos of Cassie.

I don't want the water-bottle already.

I was having the usual conversation with Cassie about how i gotto work to earn money. This time she actually completed the sentences for me and told me that she understand why i cannot stay at home with her and why i gotto work. Specifically i told her that after i worked, then we can go to the shopping mall and she can pick up a new water-bottle because she broken hers the other day.

Then Cassie went on and said : "But mom, i don't want the water bottle already, i just want you to stay home with me." >.< ...

aw .... lil chic ... *sigh*

We've survived 8 months in KL.

Time flies and we've been working, studying in KL for 8 months now. Armed with passion and determination, we had made significant changes in our lives and glad that we've made that first difficult decision to move here in the first place.

Yes, it's hectic here and yes, it's a bit more stressfull over here. And yes, it's a lot of fun along the way too. check out her smile and you know what i mean :)

Looking forward for more exciting adventure dear lil chick !

Putrajaya Ballon Fiesta 2010

One of the recommended things to do in KL is the Balloon Fiesta. This is the first time we join in the fun with the rest of Putrajaya in the Balloon Fiesta. We drove from PJ area at 7.30 am for about 50 minutes and we can already see the balloons filled up the skyline of Putrajaya. Cassie of course is the most excited one.

She asked grandma to purchase the "bubble-gun' for her and as every grandma in the world would do, my mom no just bought her the gun and extra bubbles to play with later.

She then start all her pretend play and pose like a 'super-spy' :) She caught so much attention to herself that some photographers lined up to take her photos.

It was a fun way to enjoy weekend and one good way to end her short school term break. Just like how Cassie put it : " It's so much fun ! "